Hello, if you are on this page it means that you are interested in finding out who is behind Giacobazzi Real Estate Srl and behind the WonderVILLA Method!

I am Roberto Giacobazzi, I am an engineer and construction entrepreneur, born and raised in the province of Modena.

I want to tell you how the WonderVILLA system was born, but in order to do that, we have to go back in time, when I was just a kid. I promise to be brief!

I am the youngest of five children of a family with a strong entrepreneurial spirit with activities ranging from the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and wines, to those of construction of residential buildings.

Among all these things, the one that fascinated me the most was my uncle's construction company.

That really stimulated my mind: every time I saw a construction site it seemed to me to witness a magic and I was fascinated by the idea of creating something so important in which families would live.

Inside myself I shaped the firm and unimpeatable certainty that in the future I would change people's lives by building safe, comfortable and beautiful houses!

Driven by that passion, after the highschool diploma, I decided to take the degree in construction engineering.

After the graduation I spent the first years in a freelance experience, restoring and renovating houses, villas and condominiums and studying the problems of these buildings to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

But wait a moment... among all the condominiums and townhouses I had to take care of, there were also those I had seen built as a child!

Those houses, just 20 years after their construction, needed major renovations.

How was that possible? What were the causes of this early detererioration?

It was immediately clear  that most of the problems in construction stemmed mainly from 3 causes:

  1. Initial errors in design by technicians;
  2. Errors in the laying of materials by masons;
  3. Defects in materials by production companies.

When I realized that, despite all the efforts, even in my shipyards there was a very high risk of incurring  these problems, taken by despair, I immediately went to work to eliminate these three causes.

So, in parallel with my work, I started to do specific studies and researches on innovative building construction techniques.

I visited shipyards in France, Germany, England, Australia and the United States and returned to the books to attend specialization courses on the building construction process and on the project management.

Analyzing the problem deeply, I finally realized a very important concept: design errors, laying errors, and defects in the production of the material stemmed above all from the lack of specialization of the operators and from bad communication between them!

In addition, after studying industrial production techniques, I learned another important concept: the more a product has variables, variations  and variants compared to the basic standard, the easier it is to incur errors during its production.

Sure... the same thing was true in construction!

It finally became clear to me that designing and building any type of building indiscriminately entailed very high risks of error and higher costs, precisely because it increased dramatically the number of variables and differences to be controlled.

So I realized that even in my work, in order to be more efficient and reliable, I had to specialize!

What did I have to focus on more?

When I went through the first architectural studies and first met Frank Lloyd Wright's “Villa on the waterall”, I was completely fascinated by this modern architecture in complete harmony with nature.

In an era where bricks and small windows were still dominant, some forward-thinking architects began to use innovative materials such as reinforced concrete and steel that allowed to obtain large rooms with large bright windows, giving life to a new idea of living the house that has reached today's contemporary architecture and that I love so much!

Now you may ask yourself, what does this have to do with the speech you made before?

It has something to do with it, because from the market analyses and researches that I had done, following the real estate crisis, I understood that the demand for luxury goods and therefore also for high-end housing was increasing though.

This gave me the opportunity to choose the target of customers to turn to and to decide what to specialize in: the much-loved villas with Contemporary Architecture!

It was 2015 and the decision was made: I had to completely transform my company.

So I decided to start from the specialized people: they had to be the fundamentals of my company, they were necessary to carry out the new job. Then I carefully studied the new customers to whom I wanted to look at and then I attended several marketing courses to be able to effectively promote the new product.

Finally, I had the last problem to solve: what construction technique to use for the villas?

You must know that on May 20th, 2012 I was woken up in the middle of the night by terrible earthquake!

I felt terribly powerless and frail! I thought I'd die in that moment! If I think about it, I still get goosebumps!

Since that moment I promised to myself that in my houses no one would ever feel the same feeling that I experienced that night!

In those days I also realized that the land where I was born needed me, so I decided to commit completely myself  to the earthquake buildings, verifying more than 200 houses and accepting, for 5 years, numerous tasks for the recovery of buildings damaged by the earthquake.

I have analysed the behaviour of the structures very well and, bearing in mind also the studies on American, French and English construction systems, I have carried out which ones are the best.

It is important to use light materials capable of deforming under earthquakes without suffering damage, which then return to their original state.

So, what material do you use for the skeleton structure of the villas?

We use steel, a light and elastic material but with strength, capable of well absorbing seismic energy.

Now you may be wondering, "But Roberto, how did you manage to eliminate all those problems that you had observed in the past?"

I'm going to tell you right now!

In the past years, as I said, I have worked for post-earthquake reconstruction but I have not abandoned my researches. I read articles and wondered how the construction defects that I had so often in small realities during my work, didn’t happen in large buildings such as skyscrapers, where many more variables and subjects intervene.

Analyzing the problem, the answer was always one: the only way to deliver without delays or errors, is to adopt an effective method of coordination of all these people and their equipments.

The best methods of coordination come from industrial production systems and combine project management techniques with BIM 5D technology.

Project Management determines what has to be done, who has to do it, when it has to be done, and so on.

The BIM 5D (Building Information Model) is a particular design method that aims to create a three-dimensional prototype of the building that contains all the information of the parts that form it, including the costs and construction times.

This document, combined with specific procedures to be followed, allows all technicians and companies on the site to work simultaneously and to be informed in real time when a modification or variant is made to the project.

This system was made mandatory by the British Government for public works more than 10 years ago and given the surprising results (savings of 20% of the time and 20% of costs) today it is adopted by more than 80% of construction operators.

When I first met the English BIM methodology in 2015, in Italy it was a mostly unknown topic, so I decided to adopt English BSI standards and adapt them to my need to build villas.

This is how with the experience I had gained in the past, through specialization and these new control techniques, it is possible to eradicate the 3 main errors in construction, that I have previously mentioned.

So, after years of researches and investment, in October 2018 I presented in Rome for the first time the WonderVILLA Method, the first and only system for the "turnkey" design and construction of prestigious villas with a contemporary design, with a steel structure.

Since then I have continued to invest in resources, research, training and we have continued to work to propose WonderVILLA to the Italian market with the aim of building the first villa in 2020.

Now that you know how the WonderVILLA Method was born and the determination with which we are carrying it forward, if you are interested in knowing even better how it works and how we can help you build your dream villa, watch the free footage that we have prepared for you and ask for a personal appointment at wondervilla tour in the city closest to your home (www.wondervillatour.it).

I'm waiting for you soon!

Ing. Roberto Giacobazzi
Founder and CEO of Giacobazzi Real Estate Srl
Creator of the WonderVILLA system