Home automation explained by a 7 year old child

If you have already read many articles but you have not understood exactly what is the home automation, so this article is for you!

Read it to understand in simple words what is “the smart home” and to find out how it can help you in life.

What I want to do in this article is to tell you what is home automation through a story that I experienced personally when I was 7 years old.

Fasten your belt because you are going to go back in time, precisely at 4 August 1977! Very soon you’ll find out why!

My family and I were leaving for the summer holidays in Lampedusa. My parents had chosen to travel by the car we had at that time and so early in the morning, we were ready with fins, shotguns and goggles we put them in the BMW 5 Series of dad (a luxury car for that time) and we departed!

After 4 hours we were at the heights of Rome. Now imagine this situation in your mind.

Kilometers of cars queue.
Hot weather.
36 degrees in the shade!
Children in th car.

You have already understood what’s going to happen, right?

“Dad where are we? But when do we arrive? MOM IT’S HOT!”

My father began to get nervous because he was forced to tolerate continuously the brake and the clutch to change gear and speed.

All of us in the car had opened the windows to fresh the air. Not only the temperature did not decrease, but also the noise of traffic and the wind was annoying and made us to raise manually the volume of the radio.

After a while we were all tired of the noise, the wind and the heat of inside the car.

But it did not end here!

After another 7 hours of travel and staying in queues, suddenly a harsh storm rained on us.

We should close the windows manually so not to turn the car into a pool and gasp for breath like fish in agony.

Driver visibility dropped drastically, and Dad became even more nervous because he had to constantly adjust the speed of the windshield wipers by hand.

When we finally arrived in Messina to take the ferry that would take us to Lampedusa, we seemed like persons who had 30 years traveling.

We were sweaty, exhausted from the trip and I still remember that my father exclaimed: “It will take me at least 3 days just to recover from the trip!”

The first day of vacation had turned into a nightmare!

Since that time I have always tried to avoid travelling far distances by car, or tried to choose plane!

All things waere like this, until last year, when for a long weekend some of my friends proposed me at the last moment to go on a trip with them.

I was confused because they told me that we would have to face a journey that is a travelling by car for several hours.

My friend did not do it on purpose and had just a BMW 5 Series, the latest model!

I was skeptical but I accepted and ... the trip was very comfortable!

I sat next to him in the car and noticed that on the highway the radar sensors in the bumpers indicated the speed that the car had to keep to remain in the safe distance on-board of computer.

Outside was always 36 degrees, but inside the car we had the ability to adjust the temperature in four different temperature zones and the automatic air conditioning kept it constant during the journey.

Also the air speed was automatically adjusted in the way that not to be annoying.

All the windows were closed, the music was listened perfectly and the stereo automatically adjusted the volume according to the speed. One of the passengers in back seats was wearing headphones and was interested by following a film projected from the front seat.

All the windows were closed, the music was listened perfectly and the stereo automatically adjusted the volume according to the speed. One of the passengers in back seats was wearing headphones and was interested by following a film projected from the front seat.

Also on this trip there was a storm (it happens!) But in this case the windshield wipers were activated automatically because a sensor on the glass had perceived the rain.

The headlights lit up by themselves as soon as the visibility decreased.

We were not annoyed for anything for the whole trip because the car computed to act intelligently in place of the driver at the most opportune moments, relieving him from all stressful situations and helping us travel comfortably and safely.

Now you’re wondering, “OK, Roberto, but why did you tell me all this? Did not you have to talk to me about home automation?”

Calm down, I’ll explain it to you right now!

I know I was a bit long but I wanted make you to understand that both trips were drived by a prestige car in two different eras.

Tell me the truth .... personally you would have preferred the 70’s journey in the heat and in the full of stress or one for 2016 when the car has handled all the situations, relieving you from the hardships of the trip?

I have much preferred that for 2016!

In the automobile industry, great achievement have been made in research and technology, to study systems that allow us to facilitate and experience the driving more comfortable.
And many automations have become normal!

Think about what happens when you close your car with the remote control. The lights are automatically switched off, the windows are closed, the mirrors are closed, and the alarm is activated.

The same thing happened in building, do you know? Technology allows us to make a big jump from the 1970s to the 2017 houses!

For some mysterious reason, although for automobiles you find obvious aspects of automations, it is not the same for your home.

The term “Automation” derives from the union of “domus” (house) and “robotics” and has the purpose of making actions to be carried out on household appliances or lighting or windows (doors and windows), according to the rules established by its inhabitants.

Setting up these rules and automations is called “scenario”.

Do you want an example?

Think to the series of actions that you usually do manually when night falls. Turn on the lights, close the blinds, raise the temperature of the heating and turn on the TV.

Now, think if I could set up a scenario called “Evening”, which from a button or directly from the phone, could automatically do all these actions for you.
Interesting, yes?!!

You can also set these scenarios to activate automatically at the time which are chosen by you.

For example, if you are a woman who works out, but you do not want to give up a healthy handmade dinner which you usually prepare, you could set a scenario called “Dinner”.

If you prepare a dish that must be cooked in the oven in advance, you can set the scenario like this: at 18 the oven will turn on at 180 °, and stay on for 20 minutes. In this way when you come back home you will find the dinner ready to be put on the table.

All and all, is not that what you already do with the timer of the washing machine?

Another example?
You can set the “Night” scenario which closes the doors and windows at 11 pm, activates the perimeter alarm system, turns off the driveway lights in the garden and operates the irrigation system for 20 minutes.

Think if you had to do all these operations manually every night!

Still another example?
If you love reading, you can set the “Reading” scenario that activates a warm light in the living room area where you have placed your favorite armchair, operates classic music at low volume and lift up the temperature for you.

In summary, what are the other devices that we can control with home automation?

  • Heating and air conditioning;
  • Appliances like washing machine, oven, TV;
  • Stereo system and internet network;
  • Shutters, blinds or awnings;
  • Garden irrigation system;
  • Antitheft and video surveillance system;
  • Internal and external lighting system.

These operations are possible because all the appliances, lighting, heating, burglar alarms and windows are connected together by an internet network and there is a computer which command to this network.

You can control all these devices and set up scenarios through this computer.

“But how many types of installation do exist?”

Two. Both systems can be programmed with settings that automatically create different scenarios for the rooms in your home.

The first, the traditional one, is called “spin”. It is a system that uses wires to communicate between the central computer and the appliances, just like a traditional electrical system which, from the central counter, carries the flow to sockets and light points.

The “spin” system is very reliable, but also very rigid. In fact it must be well designed before setting and requires many connecting wires that must be hidden inside walls and ceilings, just like an electrical system.

An alternative is the “wireless” home automation system, wireless, which is easier to install. The central computer communicates by radio with the appliances.

In order to have control of your home, it is sufficient to connect the system to the electricity grid, and in some cases even to a modem that works as a transmitter.

Through home automation you can manage your home from everywhere, through remote control from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

If you are away from home, this technology will alert you if it detects a fault in the heating system or the electrical system.

It warns you about consumption or even tells us how much energy our photovoltaic system is producing

“Yes, but how to choose between the wired installation and the wireless one?”

It depends.

Each villa is strongly designed to meet the specific needs of the individual customer, so there is no system that is good for all situations.

Remember, moreover, your house will change over time, so maybe there are automations that you do not want to insert at this moment, like the camera in the child’s bedroom, but could be necessary in a few months.

Therefore, it is possible to create a system that is suitable for your current needs and to insert settings for devices that you will install at a later time.

That’s what we do in all our villas to ensure that the house is under your conrol as long as possible!

In this way, the investment you have made will maintain its value over time.

In addition, you can enjoy from every comfort situation guaranteed by home automation and save a lot of precious time that you can devote to your family, work and have more fun.

As a perfect supervisor, it relieves you from those annoying home tasks that only make you wasting time. Thus, you can dedicate that time to yourself and your family, thus improving quality of your life.

By using your tablet or smartphone, you can also manage lighting and interior scenarios as you like, so you can enjoy your home in the maximum of comfortability.

In addition, intelligently by setting up the garden irrigation or grass cutting command which are supposed to be done by the robot, always you have ordered garden, so you can make your friends feel perfect comfortability when you host them for outdoor evenings.

The WonderVILLA not only protects you with safe and earthquake-proof structures, but also protects you from intruders,thieves and robbers, thanks to the standard alarm system which isalways connected to the home automation system.

All this is included in your WonderVILLA "turnkey", and gives you the right without extra charge to the special "VILLA GARANTITA 100%" guarantee, that 100% cares you about costs and time, refunding you all costs and damages. 

Now, you know the advantages about Home Automation. So if you want a prestigious villa and know better all details and characteristics, clicks on the links here below and asks for 3 videos!


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