Discover how LED lighting can improve the quality of your life and your humour

Discover how LED lighting can improve the quality of your life and your humour

In this post I want to explain to you about the way that light can affect your mood and your psyche, but above all how LED technology will make your villa more beautiful and prestigious.

Let’s go to see together how light affects our mood.

Have you ever felt a little sadness and melancholy on a winter day when it rains all the day?

For example, if I wake up and notice that outside is raining and there is practically no light, immediately I become gruff and frowning like Heidi’s grandfather. I have to be harsh with myself to push myself out of the bed, I spend all day yawning, and imagine the moment when I can return to the reassuring warmth of my duvet.

On the contrary, on a sunny day, I jump out of the bed like an rock goat in the Alps, open the windows and screaming “flying” on Modugno.

During these days I work with the sprinter rhythm and in the evening I also have the energy to go to the gym. When I go to sleep I feel satisfied and happy!

In fact, numerous scientific studies have done that analyze light are becoming more and they demonstrate the link between the light in which you live and your body rhythms or your psychology (CIE 158: 2004 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behavior).

I do not want to make you bored with scientific terms, so forgive me if I try to go straight to the point. All you need to know is that the light has 3 main features:

  • Intensity;

  • Color temperature (hot or cold);

  • Color (the one which is visible among the many rainbow color).

It is a bit like the characteristic of a voice, which can have a high pitch (high intensity) and a warm tone (warm color temperature).

Think in 2002 one of studies demonstrated that the existence of a photoreceptor in the human retina that is responsible for the synchronization of our biological clock the wake / sleep rhythm, also it is called the circadian cycle (CIE 158: 2004 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behavior).

When there is no light, this photoreceptor tells your brain to produce “Melatonin”, a hormone that when it is entered in to the circulation after a few minutes, brings you to a state of calm and drowsiness.

On the contrary, in the presence of light, this photoreceptor give a command to your brain to stop producing the melatonin.

So when you are in the presence of the light, production of melatonin is stopped and your brain is more reactive and awake.

Photoreceptor does not affect only on the amount of light, but also its affection on the color temperature is very important.

You will certainly have entered in an environment where you perceived a cold light in which all people seem pale and the colors tend to blue, or in other situation where the light has seemed warm and welcoming.

What makes changes between these two illuminations, is the color temperature that is measured by Kelvin degrees (° K).

The feelings that you have experienced in these two situations are certainly very similar to those you feel when you are in the intense and cold light of the morning, by contrast of the red, warm and soothing sunset.

The warmer lights like the sunset have a temperature of about 2000-3500 ° K which is typical of incandescent bulbs that are very common in our homes.

The cold lights, however, approach the temperature of 5-6000 ° K similar to the daylight. They are those neon fluorescent that are most used in the workplace.

“But why should I use light bulbs with different temperatures between work environments and those in the home?”

Because if you have a lot of lights and high temperature in the office, then melatonin does not go into the circulation and your brain is very reactive and works better.

On thecontrary, if there is little light and in addition its temperature is low, even during the day you live in the “biological darkness”, that’s why the melatonin enters into the circulation and keeps you in a state of drowsiness.

These are the same rules for the house lighting.

If you’re going to bed, the second situation that is definitely the ideal one, but if you’re getting up in the morning and planning to work at home for a few hours, it’s like a part of your brain staying in a semi-sleeping state during the day, with the consequence of the malfunction of the biological clock.

You suffer from decompensation of the wake / sleep cycle and you can experience symptoms such as mood swings and appetite, depression and dizziness, which are the same as the “seasonal syndrome” that you experience in the cold and dark winter season.

It has been shown that poor lighting of the environments where somebody lives in, as well as causing ill humor and depression, in the long run can lead to serious illnesses, like cancer.(CIE 158: 2004 Ocular Lighting Effects on Human Physiology and Behavior).

As mentioned, the intensity and temperature of light have important effects on your body and your circadian cycle, but there is also a third feature, its color, which can manage the condition of your psychology.

For example, red light releases melatonin, which puts you on relaxation by predisposing you to sleep, while from the psychological point of view it puts you on alert mood because it unconsciously increases the sense of primordial danger.;

On the contrary, the cold blue light from one point of view, predispose you to both physical and mental activity, while from the psychological point of view it brings you calm and introspection.

Therefore, we have seen, that light is not only important to ensure visibility in the environment where you live, but it is important especially for its influence on your psycho-physical well-being!

What solutions your villa can have for lighting?

Since we spend around 40% of our time at home, it is important that would have existed the right amount of light during the day and its quality would be effective for keeping your wake / sleep cycle in balance, and from psychological point of view can help you at times when you need it.

Precisely because lighting is so important for your well-being, the WonderVILLA system provides special attention to light, exactly from the design phase.

Thanks to contemporary design, natural lighting is preferred with large windows.

As these windows risk bringing a lot of heat into the house, windows are designed and equipped with shielding which is able to filter the solar rays depending on the time of day and season.

This allows you to enjoy the natural lighting in every day of the year for all of your mood and without wasting energy.

Moreover, always it is designed and delivered as standard with LED lighting in every indoor environment and in the outdoor spaces of the garden and courtyard.

I'm going to tell you better about it into next post, so i'll give you now a little preview about LED Lighting benefits.

This means that when you enter your villa from the first time, you will not see flying wires that descend from the center of the room with a temporary light bulb hanging!

When you operate the switch, the LED lighting that are specially designed for each room will be activated.

So you do not have to worry about wasting whole days wandering around chandelier shops to look for the model that could be better off with the risk of having a dimly lit room after finishing the editing.

In addition, the LED lighting is controlled by a home automation system mounted as standard in each villa, which allows you to choose the scenario you prefer for each indoor and outdoor environment of the house.

This will give you the maximum comfort in any environment and in any situation, whether you want to be quietly reading a book, or you want to be with your friends you have hosted, to spend an evening with them.

All this is included in your WonderVILLA "turnkey", and gives you the right without extra charge to the special "VILLA GARANTITA 100%" guarantee, that 100% cares you about costs and time, refunding you all costs and damages. 

Now, you know the advantages about LED Lighting. So if you want a prestigious villa and know better all details and characteristics, clicks on the links here below and asks for 3 videos!

Instead, if you can't wait, call hotline number 800 910 696!

One of our architects will respond you and they will take the necessary time to understand your personal situation and gives you some first replies, before scheduling and appointment.

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