Discover how LED lighting can improve the quality of your life and and what are the most advanced solutions for furnishing your villa

Discover how LED lighting can improve the quality of your life and and what are the most advanced solutions for furnishing your villa

It is very likely that you have already heard of LED lamps, perhaps from a friend or colleague who has replaced the lamps at home and this is very good because

  • They are last longer than traditional lamps;
  • They illuminate much more and consume much less;
  • They do not heat up;
  • They are resistant against bumping and water resistance;
  • They don’t need time to be lighted .

You can find this information well structured in dozens of sites that talk about LED lighting but here we will talk about how to make your villa unique and especially how to significantly improve the quality of your and your family life.

A villa is an investment that few people can afford and for this reason it should be original and give you all the comforts that technology can serves you.

If you agree that buying a villa means starting a new life experience and making the jump in quality that you and your family dreamed for a long time, then you can not neglect the importance of its interior lighting that it will have.

It is not just an aesthetic question. It is not just a matter of choosing the lamp model that to be placed in the living room or the chandelier that to be placed on the kitchen table.

In the previous post we saw that light is important not only for room's visibility of your  villa, but also for the influence on your mental end physic health. 

In this post I want to explain to you about the way that light can affect your mood and your psyche, but above all how LED technology will make your villa more beautiful and prestigious.

To understand how much importance is given to the artificial lighting, it’s enough to think to the international exhibition “Euroluce 2017”, which was made up of four pavilions inside the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The most fascinating aspect of the pavilions, obviously besides of the lamps models, was to see, how the light bulbs were chosen according to the function of the rooms, with the various temperatures and intensities.

In fact, in the offices, cold and bright lights were chosen, while in the night areas of the rooms that are for bedrooms, there were lamps with soft and warm lights.

Since the artificial lighting of the environments is 2 to 10 times lower than the natural day lighting, can you imagine how much your body is subjected to discomfort when you are at home.(Read previous post)

Since we spend around 40% of our time at home, it is important that would have existed the right amount of light during the day and its quality would be effective for keeping your wake / sleep cycle in balance, and from psychological point of view can help you at times when you need it.

“Ok Roberto, but how can i use the light making better my well-being in the places where i live?”

This can be achieved by good natural light through large windows and with the latest LED artificial lighting, which are much more efficient than incandescent lamps.

In fact, LED lamps compared to traditional lamps, with equal brightness, have these important advantages:

  • With the same consumption, by 75W of LED lamps you can get the equivalent illumination of 500W incandescent! This means that by replacing all the incandescent lamps in your home with new LEDs and having the same consumption, you would have 7 times higher lighting!
    Instead of that, if we consider replacing all the incandescent lamps in your home with new LEDs that guarantee the same brightness, you would get an energy saving up to 85%.

    In fact, a LED lamp with just 15W guarantees the same brightness as an “old” 100W incandescent bulb.

    Imagine, by replacing 10 75W lamps in your home, with other 15W LED lights, and If you keep them on for 8 hours a day, at the end of the year you will have a saving in bill of about € 430!

So, replacing old lamps with new LEDs allows you to choose whether to increase the brightness of the rooms without increasing costs, or to reduce consumption without decreasing the brightness!

  • Incandescent light bulbs have an average life of 1 year while LED bulbs have a service life of up to 25 years. Thus, you avoid losing a lot of time for disassembly, purchase and reassembly that you should do for each light bulb every year. And let’s not talk about the dangers you run every time you use the ladder!
  • LED lamps work at low temperature (around 60 ° C). This feature eliminates the risks of fire, that in some cases have been caused by hot halogen lamps and allows you to live the day in peace even when you know that little children are alone at home. In addition, with the LEDs you do not burn your fingers anymore when you have to replace the lamps and no longer run the risk of falling from the ladder because of a sudden burn that makes you lose your balance.
  • They are more resistant in front of bumping and water! This allows you to live in the house with more freedom of movement and more safely, because the risks of short-circuit in humid environments such as the kitchen and the bathroom are very low.
  • They do not have waiting times for power up. With the LEDs you will no longer suffer from discomfort that many low-power lamps which have very long waiting times and heat, give you. In fact, the LED lamps light up immediately with the intensity and color of the light that must have.

That’s why, in the Euroluce 2017 pavilions, LED lighting was predominant and will be more and more in the future!

It is often proposed in combination with home automation systems for controlling and adjusting the intensity, direction and color of the light.

The latest LED lamps also allow you to adjust the temperature of the light, then decide whether to have a warm or cold light regardless of the color they emit.

Being able to change all these characteristics of lighting through home automation, is very useful, because it allows you to adapt it to your needs based on the type of activity which you have to do in the time that you are in the environment.

For example, if you want to relax and read a book, you can change the color of the LED lighting of your room to the blue.

But, if you prefer to create a more romantic and exciting scenario, you can choose the color tending to red.

Finally, if you want to relax and go to sleep you can bring the color of light towards white and adjust its temperature towards 2200 °K, so in this way, it is welcoming and promotes the production of melatonin which will help you sleep better.

So, if the whole house has an LED lighting system controlled by home automation, you can decide at any time which setting you should give to the room where you are, depending on the activity you have to do. All this through a remote control or an application on your smartphone.

In addition, improving the comfort of your home, helps you to be in the best mood, to keep the wake / sleep rhythm and therefore, to live healthier and happier.

Now that you are clear about the benefits you can have, thanks to this technology, which LED lights can you use to illuminate and furnish your home?

As in architecture and design, LED lighting is also offered in a “vintage” version, that is as an imitation of the lighting fixtures that were used with the old incandescent lamps.

But the possibilities that LED lighting can give you to make your home beautiful and comfortable are endless!

You can use it as point light, that is coming from a single point, they are like the old incandescent bulbs that most people still have in their home.

Or there are directional lamps like the old halogen spotlights. These can be concentrated on the point to emphasize a square or a particular piece of furniture.

You can use it with a linear light diffusion, both straight and curved, as it was done by the old neon lamps.

The straight spread allows you to highlight the pure geometric shapes of objects, furniture or environments.

With the curvilinear diffusion, you can demonstrate beautiful abstract designs on the walls or in the space that are able to furnish the rooms of your home even without furniture or paintings.

In reality, the most innovative lighting solution is OLED lighting surfaces. This is an evolution of the LED one and allows you to create flat or curved illuminating surfaces, thin as sheets, with a stunning effect!

Do you know when illuminated objects were produced that accumulated light through a fluorescent paint was for releasing it in dark moments?

Now these objects can be covered with OLED films that illuminate them constantly with intensity and color of your choice!

OLED lighting is only just in the beginning and it is foreseeable that in the near future more beautiful of them can be seen, because any shape can emit its own light!

Now imagine when we get to have the rooms of the house with entire lighting walls that can take the intensity and color chosen by us according to the scenario we want to live! .... and maybe even work as a huge TV screen!

Ok, it’s fun to imagine what will come in the future, but let’s get back to the present!

What solutions your villa can have for lighting?

Precisely because lighting is so important for your well-being, the WonderVILLA system provides special attention to light, exactly from the design phase.

Thanks to contemporary design, natural lighting is preferred with large windows.

As these windows risk bringing a lot of heat into the house, windows are designed and equipped with shielding which is able to filter the solar rays depending on the time of day and season.

This allows you to enjoy the natural lighting in every day of the year for all of your mood and without wasting energy.

Moreover, always it is designed and delivered as standard with LED lighting in every indoor environment and in the outdoor spaces of the garden and courtyard.

This means that when you enter your villa from the first time, you will not see flying wires that descend from the center of the room with a temporary light bulb hanging!

When you operate the switch, the LED lighting that are specially designed for each room will be activated.

So you do not have to worry about wasting whole days wandering around chandelier shops to look for the model that could be better off with the risk of having a dimly lit room after finishing the editing.

In addition, the LED lighting is controlled by a home automation system mounted as standard in each villa, which allows you to choose the scenario you prefer for each indoor and outdoor environment of the house.

This will give you the maximum comfort in any environment and in any situation, whether you want to be quietly reading a book, or you want to be with your friends you have hosted, to spend an evening with them.

All this is included in your WonderVILLA "turnkey", and gives you the right without extra charge to the special "VILLA GARANTITA 100%" guarantee, that 100% cares you about costs and time, refunding you all costs and damages. 

Now, you know the advantages about LED Lighting. So if you want a prestigious villa and know better all details and characteristics, clicks on the links here below and asks for 3 videos!

Instead, if you can't wait, call hotline number 800 910 696!

One of our architects will respond you and they will take the necessary time to understand your personal situation and gives you some first replies, before scheduling and appointment.

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