If you want a modern and prestigious luxury villa and you do not know how to make your dream come true.

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“WonderVILLA projects and realizes turnkey your taylor-made villa with a modern design, with a lone contact partner as a project developer”

To guarantee the highest safety, each and every WonderVILLA is realized with an anti-seismic bearing structure
So WonderVILLA:
→ Does not  projects and builds classic style villas, nor does it copies from existing ones;
→Does not build villas with traditional masonry, reinforced concrete or wood structures;
→ Does not do renovations of existing buildings.



Thanks to the WonderVILLA method and BIM technology we fully guarantee delivery times and the final costs of the villa, so you will not have any kind of bad surprises


All the WonderVILLA are designed with contemporary design and tailor-made to your needs and desires, so it will be unique and best to represent you and your lifestyle


All the WonderVILLA has a steel anti-seismic bearing structure, is equipped with anti-theft with video surveillance and always makes you breathe clean healthy air


WonderVILLA makes you live in comfort, with the environment in mind to safeguard, thanks to the A4 energy class, LED lighting and home automation

“WonderVILLA is the boutique for your tailor-made and customized villa

Each WonderVILLA is projected and realized exactly according to your desires, so that lights, materials, colors and furnishings talk about you and reveal to your guestes your attention to details



“When you invest in a WonderVILLA, you're not just buying 4 walls, you're actually building your future and the future of your family”




I am Roberto Giacobazzi, I am an engineer and construction entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in this job.

After founding the “Giacobazzi Real Estate ltd” back in 2007 with which I did the first real estate interventions and after dedicating myself to the reconstruction of the buildings damaged by the earthquake in Emilia Romagna in 2012, when I decided to take back control of the real estate activity I realized that because of the crisis the market I was addressing had completely changed.

So, in 2015 I started the process of transformation of the company and after years of investments in training, research and resources, I created the WonderVILLA Method focused on the "turnkey" design and construction of luxury villas with a contemporary design, with an anti-seismic steel structure.


Roberto Giacobazzi

CEO e Project Manager

Andrea Liconti

and BIM Manager

Stefania Orlandi

Interior Architect
Sales Manager
and Social Manager

If you want to have more specific informations, call the toll-free number 800.910.696. One of our architects will respond to you taking the time to better understand your situation and giving you the first suggestions before the appointment..